Name: Douglas John Booth
Birth Date: 9th July 1992
Nationality: British
Height: 6’1″ (1.85m)
Lives: London, England
Representation: Curtis Brown

Douglas John Booth was born in London, England on 9th July 1992 and is the son of a British father, who works in shipping, and half-Dutch, half-Spanish mother, who is an artist. He has two older sisters who are both artists. He grew up in Greenwich and Blackheath, before moving to Sevenoaks with his family. Douglas now lives in London.

Douglas has wanted to be an actor since he was very young and after years of struggling with dyslexia at school, he started, at age twelve, acting in school produced plays. His first role was as King Agamemnon at age twelve. At age thirteen he was appearing in numerous theatre productions with the National Youth Music Theatre including leading roles in their stage adaptations of “Pride and Prejudice”, “Headstrong” and “Rebellion”. By age fifteen he had signed with a renowned talent agency, Curtis Brown.

He continued his acting adventures and participated in many theatre workshops and youth theatre productions. After successfully completing his GCSE’s, Douglas attempted to complete his A-Levels but quit in favour of acting work.

Douglas has an extensive television career and has worked alongside many high-profile British actors and actresses. Douglas’s first television role was in HBO’s television adaptation of “The Pillars of the Earth” as the indecisive and tragic character of Prince Eustace. But it wasn’t until a year later that he got his first big break when he was chosen to portray Boy George in the BBC television drama, “Worried About the Boy”. Soon after the airing of “Worried About the Boy”, Douglas was cast to act alongside Matt Smith in “Christopher and His Kind” as Heinz Neddermayer, the first love of British writer, Christopher Isherwood. His latest, and biggest, television role to date saw Douglas acting alongside Hollywood heavyweight, Gillian Anderson, in the BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic, “Great Expectations”, with Douglas portraying Pip.

Douglas’ first major role was opposite Dame Maggie Smith and Timothy Spall in “From Time to Time”. He then continued to develop his television and modelling career until he was cast as the male love interest in “LOL”, opposite Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene, as Kyle. After filming for “LOL” finished, Douglas was cast alongside Hailee Steinfeld in the Julian Fellowes-adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet”, which promised to take the epic love story back to its roots. “Romeo and Juliet” is currently set to premiere worldwide on 14th February 2013.

More recently, Douglas has been cast opposite Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman in the Darren Aronovsky’s biblical epic, “Noah”. Douglas will play Shem, the eldest of Noah’s sons, who falls in love with the beautiful and tragic Ila, played by Emma Watson, and will film in Iceland.

As well as making a name for himself as an actor, Douglas also has an impressive fashion modelling career. Douglas has, to date, completed three modelling campaigns with the iconic British luxury fashion brand, Burberry. He has appeared in campaigns with many other British rising actresses and models including Emma Watson, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Lily Donaldson.

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Welcome to Douglas Booth Network, your biggest and most comprehensive fan source dedicated to the up and coming British actor Douglas Booth. You may recognise Douglas from his work on the BBC miniseries, "Great Expectations", where he played Pip, or as the iconic pop-rocker, Boy George, in "Worried About the Boy". Douglas has also appeared in the English-language remake of "LOL" with Miley Cyrus, as well as being cast in Darren Aronfsky's upcoming biblical epic, "Noah", alongside Russell Crowe and Emma Watson. As well as an extensive film and television career, Douglas has a solid modelling career and has appeared in multiple campaigns for the British fashion house, Burberry.
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  • Noah (2014)
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    Douglas as Titus
    In cinemas 18 July 2014
  • Posh (2014)
    Douglas as Harry Villiers
    In cinemas 19 September 2014
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